MsStorians – Julie Jo Larson – Author
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MsStorian Adventures

By Julie Jo Larson

In 2014, Julie Jo formed the MsStorians, a women’s history group that tours abandoned cemeteries, century-old buildings, and vanishing communities. 

Join us as we explore intriguing and forgotten stories of Minnesota’s past.

Part Two: Maple Cemetery

Maples Cemetery is a new development to my favorite MsStorian Adventure. Star and Tribune history column contributor, Curtis Brown, discovered my research on the Wealthwood

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Who Are the MsStorians?

Who Are the MsStorians? Vicki Foss, Yvonne Doust, Leigh Melby, and I (Julie Jo Larson) are the MsStorians, a group of women whose passion is

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The Skip Tender’s Tale

The Skip Tender’s Tale A MsStorian Adventure Clinton Harris was a night shift skip tender at the Milford Mine. On February 5, 1924, he offered

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