100 Things To Do In Minnesota Northwoods Before You Die

Though only the hearty live here year round and the winter averse just vacation here in the summer, there’s still no shortage of activities and sights to fill your itinerary, no matter the season.
Whether you use this book as a bucket list, a tour guide, or a cure for cabin fever, we’ve got you covered

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We’ll entice you to try new outdoor activities, such as wading across the headwaters of the Mississippi, eat unusual foods, and sip flavorful beverages. You’ll also find a plethora of things to do inside on rainy days, such as exploring the US Hockey Hall of Fame Museum. Carefully crafted itineraries and seasonal—yes, there are four seasons here—activities will provide plenty of inspiration for visitors and locals alike

“Grab a friend or two, your copy of 100 Things to Do in Minnesota Northwoods Before You Die, and your sense of wonder because adventures await everyone in the Minnesota Northwoods!
Purchase a book off this website and I’ll sign it and send it right out!”
Julie Jo Larson